Friday, July 2, 2010

Anniversary/Father's Day Weekend

Ack!!  I'm a couple weeks behind in blogging.  Now that vacation and vacation bible school are over I hope to get you caught up.  Of course during my blogging hiatus, Travis is sooo mobile and pulling up and cruising on everything and totally little mister curiousity so I might have to spend his nap time napping too!!  :)

We celebrated Brandon's first official Father's Day and our 7 year anniversary on the same weekend with lots of family and relaxation. 

We left Travis with Lovey & Pop on Saturday afternoon and Brandon and I had our first night away from Travis.  I had left him overnight once, but he was with Brandon, and Brandon has left, but Travis was always with me so this was the first time for both of us to be gone.  We pricelined a hotel in FW and got a reservation for Del Frisco's.  This was going to be my first "real" meal in seven months.  (After Travis stopped nursing at 9 months, I had been pumping and feeding him.  I slowly started introducting Nutramigen and had enough milk stored up that I was able to be done with my dairy/soy free diet.  Travis is now on 100% Nutramigen, and I have a freezer full of glorious dairy/soy free milk to donate to some colicky preemie that really needs it.)  At Del Frisco's, we ate onion rings, salad with green goddess dressing, filet mignon, creamed spinach, potatoes au gratin, bread, butter, and cheesecake.  It was awesome!  Since then, I'm sure I have gained 10 lbs. making my way back through the dairy aisle at the grocery store!  I sure am enjoying my coffee again!

Anyways, Travis was great with Lovey & Pop and the only time he cried was when we showed up the next morning.  Go figure!!  :)  It was great for Brandon and I to have some uninterrupted time, and I'm already looking forward to our next little getaway.

Pop holidng an ice cube for Travis 

Pepper came over on Sunday and brought an amazing meal (as usual).  Travis got to sample the ribs - he, too, was a big fan!!  Travis discovered Pepper's red fingernails and thought they were tasty!  As you can see, Travis hardly got any attention!


God has truly blessed us with the most amazing families.


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  1. That is great that you guys got away together! We always said we would but have not been good at it :(