Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm 11 Months Old!

Wow!  I'm getting to be such a big boy.  I can wave bye bye, wink, and clap like a pro.  I can even give five thanks to Aunt Momo!  I can also dance on command and have some crazy funky moves!!  I'm also learning to feed myself with a spoon.  It is a little bit messy, but I'm getting the hang of it.  I still only have two teeth and am starting to think I'm gonna have to invest in some junior dentures!  I have recently added spinach, apricots, and toast to my diet.  I have a date with the allergist on 8/24 and am hoping to be able to add some more yummy things like cheese and yogurt.

I love to turn on and off all light switches and operate the sprinkler system and garage door with my dad.  I say "dadadadada" when Dad comes in from work and when Mom is doing something to me that I hope Dad might rescue me from like changing my diaper or wiping my messy face and hands.  I love ceiling fans and can point when you say "Where's the Fan?".

I might have a little bit of a temper as I occasionally throw my head back in total and utter angst.  I can cruise along the furniture and often do a "no hands" stand as I just lean my belly against the couch or my play table.  Sometimes I get shy when I enter a new room, but I've usually made a ton of friends in to time.  My 5am wake-up time continues, and I still take two naps a day and go down for night-night at 7pm.  I love to read with my Dad and get mad when he says "The End".

I'm generally a happy and easy-going little guy.   I love to get showered with praise and thankfully my peeps oblige!

I'm about to be a big boy!

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