Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mommy Lesson #93

No matter how dirty the diaper, do not, repeat after me, do not set it aside without completely sealing it up because in the time that it takes you to get an additional wipey (this probably being your 3rd or 4th), your son can do a complete 180 and end up with the back of his head firmly planted in a pile of poop.  While you are deciding whether to laugh or cry, poop will end up on the blanket, the lamb, and of course, the carpet.  Then even after you do your best to remove said poop from the back of your sweet angel's head, you will repeatedly throw up in your mouth as you wait the 15 minutes before you know your husband is about to arrive home so you can commence double-bathing (once to rinse out the poop, then remove kid, re-fill tub, start over).  All the while playing and wondering if your kid is getting a little nauseous from the smell too.

He's all ... I did WHAT??

You gotta be kidding me?!?!

It was so MOMMY's fault!!



  1. Definitely a story to tell T's prom date ;)

  2. This is hilarious! I love your dialogue for T. Reading his mind will come in so handy when he's a teenager! Oh...can I hear lessons 1-92. I think I may need them!