Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And We Are Crawling!!

Real live belly-off-the-ground crawling. He must have woken up from his nap and decided that he would just crawl!  Developmental milestones are so crazy!!  He had gotten to where he would do an army crawl where he lifted up his "business" when he was crawling around naked in the bathroom so as to not let his "business" touch the cold tile.  Ha!  This made us think that he kinda had the right idea.  Sure enough!!  Travis crawled about five feet for his first time, and Grandpa and I looked at each other like "did you just see that?"  So, we went and got his snack trap and sure enough, the boy crawled after him some cheerios! He is his mama's son! Way to go Travis!!  You are growing up, and we couldn't be prouder!!



  1. Yay Travis!! Watch out, you know what comes next ;)

  2. yippee! you need to come hang out with Wyatt and show him how to "regular crawl". he is still doing the army crawl! I am going to try the cold tile floor and see if that will motivate him HAHA

  3. Way to go Travis! Just looked at his weight stats -- Travis at 9 months weighed more than C does at 15 months! :)