Sunday, July 18, 2010

Galveston ... Oh Galveston!!

We spent June 22-27 at a beach house in Jamaica Beach, Texas!  Travis got to have lots of "firsts" while we were there, and I totally splurged on my dining opportunities as this was my first week off of my non-dairy and soy diet!  I took a ton of pics, but just tried to post a "few".  HA!

Travis enjoying the deck on top of the beach house our first morning.  His usual 5:30 wake-up time was bested while on vacation with a few mornings of 4:45.  No bueno for mom.  He napped great while we were there so I didn't complain ... much.

Exploring all of the non-baby friendly items.

Loving the hammock.  Looks like he is totally giving me an ear full.

T, Grandpa, & Uncle Mickey in front of Gaido's.  Totally yummy!!  Travis hadn't had a ton of restaurant experience since it was difficult for me to eat out so we weren't sure how he would do.  Of course, he did awesome!!  We entertained him at the table while we were waiting for our food, and then he ate while we ate.  It worked out great the whole time!  After his meal, he would loudly serenade the whole restaurant with his lovely vocal stylings.  Our sweet waitress said she could hear him all the way in the back.  :)

We spent an afternoon at Dunn so that Mickey could show T off.  This is what Travis looked like the last time we were visiting!

We spent an afternoon at the Aquarium at Moody Gardens.  Travis was able to follow the fish around, and my favorite part was the A/C.

Grandpa lugging T up the stairs.  Lots of stairs.

Oops!  Sorry Lovey!

Official tropical shirt day below:

This pic of Grandpa & T CRACKS ME UP!!

Lovey, Pop, & T-man!

Me and my boys.

Our awesome chefs!

T twirling Uncle Mickey's goatee!

Fave B & T pic!


Kimberly, Tyler, & Elizabeth (T's arranged wifey!!) drove over on Saturday afternoon to spend some time hanging out with us!  It is so great to see K and to watch the babies play together!  We got some great nekkid baby butt pics to add to our potential rehearsal dinner slideshow.  They sure have grown since we last hung out in February.

The idea of a perfect vacation is and will always be just hanging out with all of my peeps.  Looking forward to Port A in a couple weeks with more of our peeps.

Awesome Fam!


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