Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm 10 Months Old!

I've been busy this past month learning all sorts of party tricks!  Lovey taught me to wink, and I'm doing much better with my waving and clapping.  Mom and Dad are trying to teach me touchdown, but so far, I just like watching them act sooo silly!  I love playing peek-a-boo or ("Where's Travis?") with my little lamb that my Aunt Elva gave me.  I am so good at putting it over my head and then re-appearing with the biggest grin just so my peeps can yell "THERE HE IS!!" - I do this so fast smetimes that they can't even get out all the words before I'm already hiding again!

I've added white potatoes and hamburger meat to my diet.  I'm pretty independent and pretty much feed myself.  I have lots of finger foods and even hold my own bottle.  I learned I am allergic to Penicillin and have survived "THE RASH' of 2010!  I'm pulling up on anything and everything and can take a step or two as I scoot around on the ottoman or my play table.  I like to open doors and drawers that I can reach, and enjoy playing in mama's bowls and tupperware.  I also really like to pull up on the dishwasher when it is being unloaded!

I don't really like to have my diaper changed, and I am good as gone if you aren't super fast at getting the new one on!  Sometimes I'm six or eight feet away before mom can get the new one fastened.  I'm pretty sure dad put one on me backwards the other day because I was soo uncooperative!

I just got back from an amazing family vacay to Galveston where I had my first trip to the aquarium, first ride in a hammock, first trip to the beach, and my first sno-cone.  Mom is working on a separate post of those adventures, but here are a few pictures to tide you over!

I'm spending this week at Vacation Bible School.  I am looking forward to spending some time with my friends over the weekend and swimming lessons that start next week!

Would rather be on vacay,
Senor Travis

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