Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day!

Anyone can be a father - But it takes someone special to be a daddy!
Travis sent Brandon this list in his card last year.

Mom is gonna be great and all, but there are some things I'm counting on you to teach me... 

  1. How to throw a spiral and the ins and outs of the Nickel "D".

  2. How to pee standing up.

  3. How to drive a tractor (but I bet Mom can help here too).

  4. Who God is.

  5. The words to the Aggie War Hymn and FFA Creed.

  6. How to build fence.

  7. How to treat a woman so I can find a good one like Mom one day.

  8. All the good cuss words.

  9. Why I should be a republican.

  10. How to pray.
Daddies have some pretty awesome responsibilities, and I'm so looking forward to seeing Travis grow up with Brandon as his dad.  What a lucky little boy!  We love you!!

Happy Father's Day to Brandon, Grandpa, Pop, Papaw, Granddaddy, Sam, and all of the other daddies out there!


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  1. Love the list :) Happy 1st Father's day to Brandon!