Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm 9 Months Old!

Can you believe it? I'm 3/4 of a year old. Mom has already scheduled my first birthday party (8/21 - be there or be square) because she knows that it will be here before she knows it (or is ready for it). I'm growing up and now resemble a little boy (attitude and all). I went to the doctor today and weighed 20 lbs. 13.5 oz. (about 50th percentile - less meatball than mama thought) and was 29.5 inches long (between 75th and 90th percentile - must be getting my height from my dad and my Grana).

I've really worked alot on movement since last month. I've got major "ants in my pants" and often break out in a crazy dance complete with wiggling and head bobbing. I shake my head no no no no no while I'm in my highchair sometimes. It sure does make a major mess when I'm a moving target for my spoon. I'm still not crawling up on my knees yet, but I'm doing full-arm push-ups and getting up on my knees and rocking, so my folks don't think it will be long. Of course, I can army crawl wherever I want so I'm not worried about it. I can army crawl over to one of my peeps and then pull myself up on them to standing. I also do a bit of whining with this move until they pick me up. :) I haven't started pulling up on furniture yet, but I can stand by the ottoman if you stand me next to it.

I'm also a little jabber-box. I love to sing and talk. Dadadadada is still my most favorite sound, but I've added lala, baba and vava to my repertoire. I've only spouted mamamamama once and it was when I woke up in the middle of the night and my folks were trying to get me back to sleep. It rolled off my tongue like a string of expletives. Mom thought it was awesome!

Over Memorial Day weekend, Grandpa got my pool set up. He even made sure the temperature of the water was "just right" just like he used to do for my mom's smurf pool when she was little. I had fun with all my peeps over Memorial Day.

I've added several new things to my diet this month most of which I don't really care for (turkey, egg yolks, tahini). I like kiwi and lentils and like stuff better when I can feed it to myself (grapes, banana, zucchini, etc.) I also really enjoy my dairy free soy free teething biscuits. Even mom thinks they are worth the mess they make! I'm really good with my sippy cup and drink a little juice now and then, but mostly just water.

My mommy and daddy were going to have an allergy screen run on my blood today, but they chickened out once they figured out that they would have to draw the blood out of my arm. Looks like mom's ban on all things cheesy will continue.

I went to the park with my folks the other day for my first ride down the slide. I had loads of fun (mainly watching the traffic go by), but whatever makes me happy is a-ok with them.

I love Superman. I hate aluminum foil. I get serious bed head. I kept sticking my feet thru my crib slats so now I sleep with two layers of breathable bumpers. I've got two teeth on the bottom and like chasing after Mom's camera and anything Dad rolls to me on the hardwood floor.


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  1. Love the swim suit and pics of his two cute bottom teeth :) Those teething biscuits are MESSY but nice to buy a few happy moments!