Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crafts with Lovey

It is an understatement to say that our folks are all pretty excited for Travis' arrival. Brandon's mom has kept us fed with lots of home cooking, Brandon's dad has kept us entertained and served as brute strength when we needed to move some furniture, Brandon's dad's fiancee has made sure that we've eaten Del Frisco's twice during my pregnancy, my dad has helped with a ton of home improvement projects, my step-dad has kept busy working to fund mom's shopping and babysitting the animals so mom can come help us out, and my mom has done much of my nesting for me and has gone into crafts overload.

She was in town this weekend. While I was volunteering for JL on Saturday, mom and Brandon were at home working on some crafts. Here is her handy work!!! This is the most macho snugglie every made and T's very first personalized onesie. I got Brandon to take a picture of me sitting at the sewing machine, but I feel too guilty posting it. Plus, mom had to spend 45 minutes undoing my handiwork. :)

We love all of our parents sooo much. What amazing parental role models they are for us as we start this adventure. Travis is going to have the very best Pepper, Pops, Nana, Grandpa, Pop, and Lovey around!!


  1. It truly is amazing watching your parents become grandparents! I didn't have a clue until Emma came along :) Emma loves her Big Daddy, Lita, Grandma and GrandPAS!

    Your mom is the most crafty person I know! I still use everything she made me and her wooden 'EMMA' letters will even hang in her college dorm ;)

    I think you should go ahead and post the pic of Brandon at the sewing machine ;)

  2. That taggie blanket will be your favorite thing. Perfect for the carseat, and according to Gavin, delicious!