Saturday, April 21, 2012

The motherland .... Maryn's First Trip to Aggieland

When Brandon was asked to speak at our departmental scholarship banquet this year, we were all so excited!  Because Maryn was still nursing and not taking a bottle, she got to go with us. 
First stop, Wings N More with Nana and Papaw!

This is the hotel room where nobody got any sleep.

It was colder than anyone anticipated so all she had were some
ghetto socks to wear with her precious spring outfit!

The man of the hour and his leading ladies!

Brandon seriously killed this speech!  He did so great!

The best part was that our advisor had written up his bio and basically made him sound like Mr. A&M (which he pretty much was, but that's beside the point!). 
All the kids' faces were hysterical - like "seriously?!?".

This is our sweet cousin, Kathryn!  She is an aggie and did some Maryn-sitting during the banquet!  We are so proud of her!

Another foodie favorite stop - Mi Cocina!!

MSC renovations were complete and the MSC re-opened while we were there.

Classes of '72 and '03.

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