Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sea World - 2

After Travis's rodeo experience lasted all of 2 seconds, we weren't really sure how this whole vacay was going to shake out.  We had been talking it up, counting down the days on the calendar, and watching the shamu recordings on youtube.  We were traveling with Nana, Papaw, Brandon's step-sisters, Hope and Samantha, and their sweet friend, Alyssa (whom Travis is madly smitten!!).

Brandon and Alyssa wheeling in the kiddos!

Travis didn't want to feed the dolphins, but was content to look at them.  He didn't really care for anybody in our bunch getting too close.  We had heard that if you tapped your Aggie ring against the pool wall, they would come to you!  Totally worked.  :)

Papaw working one of his Aggie connections.  :)

Loved me some Boba on this trip!

Travis was getting nervous before the first show, but a small bag of skittles seemed to do the trick to calm his nerves.

Maryn and Auntie Hope!

I love our blatant disregard of the signage.  Breaking the Law!

Travis was super excited to feed the sea lions.  He was not grossed out by the fish at all (unlike some!!).

His favorite part of the day ... pudding!

It's Shamu time!!

Travis got antsy, so Brandon and I swapped kids and he got wiggle worm, and I let Travis run the camera for a while.  He does remarkably well.  We got lots of shots of this guy and Brandon's knee, but he also took the one below.

Such an awesome gift from Nana and Papaw!

Getting ready for the 4d Sesame Street show.  He lasted most of the way thru and then decided he'd rather be elsewhere.  Like here!

Snack time!  I definitely recommend this ratio of adults/teenagers to toddlers/infants.  Loved having so much good help.  The girls were all so sweet and willing to help!

We went back to the hotel that afternoon and enjoyed a nice long bath and some play time before getting ready and heading to the market for some Mexican food!  I forgot the camera, but we had a great time playing in the open area and sister loved gnawing on the warm, fresh tortillas!  Kept her happy the whole meal!

Pretty girl!!
We had a super time - so much so that we returned the next morning!!

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