Monday, April 9, 2012

Sea World - 1

This was actually the most stream-lined of a packing job I've done.  I was especially impressed considering this was our first hotel experience since Maryn was just a "baby".  Sigh.  She sounds so old.  :)

Both kids did pretty well on the ride up there.  A potty training toddler made for a few moments of crossing multiple lanes of traffic in quite a hurry to find a potty (read: patch of grass).  We may or may not have made a special stop just to pee on the Frank Erwin center's lovely grass.  Traveling down I-35 with an exclusively breastfed "on demand" baby also presented a little challenge, but nothing a super flexible and agile mommy couldn't handle.  Definitely one of those please don't let this end up on youtube moments.

Both kiddos checking out their temporary digs.  Considering this was just a few days into daylight savings time and their schedules were all wonky, they both did great!  Maryn ended up in bed with us around 3 both nights, but we all slept til 6:30ish before brother woke up around 7-7:30.  A suite of some sort is definitely a must with our crew.

A dear friend from Law School and her sweet daughter (4 days older than T) met us at our hotel to hang out.  She'll be welcoming a little boy any day now!  Loved hanging out with her even if most of it was just chasing toddlers.  Addison is gonna be a great big sister!

This whole baby led weaning thing is awesome for travel!  Maryn indulged on tomatoes, tortillas, sausage, pizza crusts, carrots, and whatever else we could find.

Maryn so thought she was a big kid!

Travis loved dousing Sam with water.   Such a good sport!

This was their last meet and greet.  Man, how time flies!

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