Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sea World - 3

When asking if he wanted to go back to Sea World.  :)

Locked and loaded.  Let me tell you about these awesome gadgets that lock two umbrella strollers together!  Brilliant.  Wish I just had them instead of a true side-by-side.

Alyssa & Travis!

Travis was so brave!  He climbed this tall net, and we went on our first "ride"!

Sweet girls!

Brandon explaining about Elmo and friends that were about to come out on the stage and dance.  I'm sure Travis was asking something to the effect of "they will stay up there?  they will not come get me?"  Nonetheless, he lasted about 3 seconds.

Some big kid fun!

Aren't we a colorful bunch?!?

Baby drool was running down my boobs.  So sweet!

Pit stop in Waco.

Funny faces with the girls.

And, finally, his first nap in 3 days.  It lasted about 20 minutes!  Thankfully, he has transitioned back to napping well again.  (Side note: today, he has been singing loudly in his crib for 2 hours so not so much napping today!)

What an amazing trip!  For weeks, everytime we loaded up in the car, he asked if we were going to Sea World!

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