Monday, January 30, 2012

Update on Our Heart Beats

These two are seriously the cutest!

Maryn is treading on enemy territory with "blue blanket" in her mouth!

Here are some updates!

You took your first "on the knee" crawls today.  You were just in your diaper.  I'm pretty sure your footie pajamas are a hindrance which is why I'm going to keep you in them a little bit longer (like 18 years!!).  You are growing up too too fast!  You are so easy-going and BUSY!  You are eating avocados, sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, apples, zucchini, and mum mums and you are only fed by your own hands - no helpers.  You can drink water from a sippy cup too.  You can pull yourself up to your knees especially when looking for brother's snack trap on the toy box.  You are still calling for mama a couple times at night, and although I'm exhausted, I'm enjoying our private snuggle/nursing time.  You still think your brother is the best thing in the world!  You have a very inquisitive spirit, and we all are in awe of your ridiculous preciousness.  You seriously are the cutest baby!  You are waving bye bye like a pro and love mimicking your dada's chewing motion by making a pop pop pop noise.  You say ba ba ba, and you are definitely interested in trying to clap. It won't be long!

You are a little dramatic and opinionated hoot!  You have the most ridiculous memory and are continually saying/remembering/singing things that we haven't done in months.  Tonight, in the bath you sang "rain rain go away come again another day, me and dada want to play, rain rain go away".  We can't remember the last time we sang that.  Your bedtime songs include: Jesus Loves Me, Joy to the World/Away in a Manger (you think that is all one song), Star Spangled Banner, and Amazing Grace.  Last night, your dad sang you Carney Man.  You were asking him to be a clown and that's all he had. :)  You will not eat a vegetable to save your life....  You are doing such a great job going tee tee on the potty and wearing your big boy underwear!  You are making great progress so I'm hopeful that we'll be down to one diaper wearer in the family before too long!  Here are some of your recent one-liners:

"Angel is my best friend."  Angel is our cat.  She hisses at Travis and hides from him.
When asked if baby sister looks like mama or dada, you replied, "um, she looks like baby sister."
For your new years resolution, you said you wanted to be "a pirate."
Your Thanksgiving prayer was for "Pop and your blue blanket."  But the prayer ended abruptly when you realized you did not have your blue blanket and exclaimed, "Oh no.  Where's my blue blanket?"
When not getting your way you said, "I no ask mama, I no ask lovey, I just ask dada."  :)
"I so proud of you lovey."
When Feliz Navidad came on the radio, you exclaimed "That's my song!"
You have been learning how to spell your name - you thought it was fun to ask ... "how spell toot,  poop, etc.?"
"Angel smiled at me."
"No spaghettis, just frosting."
"I want something else.  How 'bout...[long pause] pie."
"Do Not...."  (much more exacting than just a simple no)
"Every all bodies came to see me." (He thinks the holidays were all about him!).
"No shirt.  No socks.  NO EVERYTHING."
"No.  I do it."
While walking around on a stick horse waving to everyone in the room, "I'm a parade!"
When being praised for saying all your letters, you were told that only a big boy could do that.  You responded while shaking your head, "Not baby sister."
While watching baby sister attempt to eat her very first avacado bite, "No baby sister.  It's yucky!"

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  1. Lynley sported her "Peace, Love, and Ragweed" t-shirt yesterday!!! Scott was so proud! I love reading updates on your babies! Blessings on your fam!