Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy 7 Month Birthday, Sweet Pea!!

Sweet Maryn - you are such a good-natured little girl!  You have glimpses of a little temper, but for now, it is just precious!  We are so grateful that you are so laid back and that you find your brother so amusing!  It sure is nice to have such built-in entertainment.  You love your squishy tea pot set and the plastic petit fours you got for Christmas.  You also love the iPhones, but you are head over heels for the tv remote.  We took the batteries out of an old one for you to play with, but you know the difference already.  You will hopefully be just as smart as your big brother!  He is finding you more and more tolerable and loves to try to get underneath you when you are on all fours - you both find this impossible feat quite hilarious.

A little impromptu (thus, the blue background and carpet) photoshoot with my 7 month old!  All of these are straight out of camera, but so sweet that some may be print-worthy!

Um, can you say planking?  And I just love her popeye face!

Dear Maryn,

What a blessing you are!

When your Mom asked me to write a letter commemorating your 7th month birthday I was excited.
I thought and thought about all the wonderful things I could say about you.  I then figured that by the time you read this (I believe that will be pretty soon!) that lots of it would be common knowledge.

The one thing that kept coming to mind were those that came before you.  Your ancestry.  There are some really great and wonderful people that came before you that God used to bring you into our lives.  What a line-up!

I can already see the sweetness from many, but particularly of Margaret, Mary and Uncle Mickey.
Your determination I see in Lovey and your Mom.  You are smart too.  (Wish I could get the credit for that!)  That comes from many, but have to put your Dad at the top of the list in that!

You have Lovey and Pepper to teach you to cook.  Lovey got her knowledge and skills from your great great great Nannie  and I'm sure Pepper got her love of cooking from her mother, Mary, your great grand Granny.  I see sense of humor in your laughter.  My dad, Henry, had a wonderful wit and dry sense of humor, and I hope that you get some of that!

Remember that someday your big brother, Travis, will be your best friend and protector.  He really will!  It's a work in progress!

Love and obey God.  Be compassionate and develop your common sense.  Learn something good and useful every day that you can.  Always think things through.

I guess, Maryn, what I hope for you, is that, with God as your Teacher, you grow into a combination of all the wonderful women and men that have come down through the ages of your heritage.  There will be nothing you can't accomplish.

I love you and am already so proud of you.  I know you will always continue to be a blessing to all of us and will truly be a strong link in the chain that began in God's Heaven.


With lots of love;


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