Thursday, January 19, 2012

Misc. Christmas ... The End!

Aunt MoMo!  She took many of the pics so glad we finally caught her in a couple on Monday after Christmas.  The girls heading to do a bit of shopping.  Miss Priss all dressed and ready to go!

Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls Round 2!  Yep, this was our second batch during the holidays.  The first batch was a learning experiment so we were too busy trying to keep the melted butter on the counter to take pics.  It was mayhem.  Tasty, tasty mayhem.  :)  They turned out great, and we consumed them all over the course of the long weekend so we decided to make another batch to share and freeze.  We are still learning so these turned out a touch thin, but still delicious!!

Travis taking it all in.  He seriously loves it in the kitchen - would be very happy for him to be the next Food Network star!

A family affair!!

Different day ... different sweet!

So proud!!

Pepper's awesome gift!!  Lots of fun will be had here!

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