Monday, January 23, 2012

Travis's Pretend Birthday Party at School

Since most of the "bunny" class are summer birthdays, they just assigned all the kids a Thursday from here to the end of school as their pretend birthday.  It's a genius ploy at getting the parents to send the snacks/treats on those days!  I had to bribe the kid to not wear his crown to nap that day.  He quite enjoyed being royalty and having everyone know his name.  It was also fun to send my point-and-shoot camera and have the teachers take pictures for the day.  Travis still gets "weepy" sometime during the day.  I talked to the teachers and basically he finds them both and makes sure they are looking and then makes this pitiful sad face accompanied by this awesomely dramatic whimper.  They said "we think he just would rather be at home with you".  I responded something to the effect of you are probably right and that is why I want him here.  :)  He gets "weepy" somedays at home with me when he is missing his dada so I'm not real worried about it!  I think school has been a great introduction to structure and social settings.

Here he is crafting:

I think it is awesome how he apparently found the play camera at school too!

His "friends".  Travis is the youngest in the class.  He really looks miniscule next to these too, but I think the depth is misleading.

I think these are the twins in his class.  You think?

This is either "weepy" or "I didn't get my way".  They look very similar.

I'm thinking this is maybe saying grace over the snack, but I'm not sure.

M&M Cookies and his very own Travis napkins (leftover from his baby shower!).

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