Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving - Post 2

No turkey for Miss Priss just yet so she is happy to nom nom nom on her fingers.

Uncle Blake is the carver extraordinaire.

My men folk enjoying some pre-lunch Mac n Cheese!

Loving our 3 car garage/dining room for 20!

T and his great-granddaddy!

Not shy of the crowd at all!

Her loyal subjects.

A silhouette tutorial for the little sister.  All about the crazy contortionist acts for the sake of a picture!

Stupid me waiting til after naps to do our "photos".  My biggest baby is much happier in the mornings!!

Such a big girl sitting up on her own....  Although she is still a little wobbly.

And here is our best sibling shot.  Hilarious!

She loves the camera. :)

I so want our family to play football every year!!  Love that tradition!

Pics with Papaw and Nana!

And Aunt Terry!

The first holiday in our new home went off beautifully!  So blessed and so thankful!!

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