Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa - Behind the Scenes

Here are some pics I snapped at Melanie's house when we had our Santa visit.  It definitely took a while for T to warm up.  M was napping so we literally just stuck her in her carseat in the corner (gotta love a second child!).

Um, dad, no talking, must concentrate on his every move!

Getting closer.

The hand-off

Wait, is that a "tandy tane"?  Perhaps you aren't so evil after all?

Hold on buddy, let's remove the wrapper, mmm kay?

This is where Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas and where Travis responded "Pie".

Sleeping beauty....

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  1. I told Brian T's answer to Santa and he didnt see anything with his response. Brian even commented, "Kid's pretty smart!"

    (for some reason, the profile name is our dog's name. It's really me, Andrea, not the dog!)