Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crepes with Santa

We kicked off the Christmas season in early November with the Junior League of Arlington's Crepes with Santa event.  Super cute!  Even though Travis was not real keen on Santa, he enjoyed everything else a ton and it was a nice introduction to the festivities!

Rocking a precious cordorouy longall that I scored for T after Christmas last year!!  Figured this would be the last year Brandon might let me get away with it. :)

Writing his letter to Santa.

Pepper came along - so much better with 3:2 ratio of adults to kids.  4:2 or 6:2 would probably even been better.

Look at those thigh rolls!


Sister was cool with the big bear - brother, not so much!

He liked the crepes though!

Took this myself. :)

He is so brilliant. :)

This face is saying "a little chocolate never hurt anyone".

Sending off his letter to the North Pole.

She seriously may be the poster child for precious pictures with Santa.  You should have heard everyone oohing and aahing.

Snagging his build a bear!

Travis named him Snoopy which I find hysterical given that my mom brought him my old snoopy and he hates him.

Nothing like a pic with Santa to remind you of your awesome place in life.

We love Christmastime at our house.  We've really been working hard to try to find the balance of this kind of Christmas fun with the true reason for the season.  At this age, Travis "knows" birthdays so we've been trying to emphasize that we will be celebrating Jesus's special birthday at Christmas.  He has already inquired about the presence of cupcakes so I'm guessing Jesus will be getting some cupcakes!  A birthday party for Jesus will be a new fun family tradition!  I want Brandon to read the Christmas Story from the bible to us, and Travis has a felt nativity set that he is learning about.  Grana's grandma used a neat saying to explain the two parts of Christmas which was something along the lines of God gave us the ultimate gift so that we may also give gifts to celebrate Jesus.

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