Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy 6 Months Special Girl!

I'm really starting to see them favor each other now!

6 Months - 17 lbs. 15 oz. and 28 inches long!

Dear Maryn,

I remember the day that I found out you were on your way! Nana and I were visiting Travis at the house on Monarch Street. It was the house where Travis came home from the hospital and spent the first year or so of his life. It was the special home where your Mommy told us that you were on the way. I was so surprised and happy!

In the beginning, I thought you would be a boy because I only had boys, but I was surprised and tickled pink to find out that a sweet little girl was on the way. I was very pleased that your name was going to be Maryn, because you are named after family. It is a special name for a very “Special Girl”.     

Getting ready for your arrival was a really busy time for your family. While you were growing in Mommy’s “spacious accommodations”, your Mommy and Daddy were busy making everything perfect for you and your brother. A marvelous house was built for you and Travis to grow up in with a perfect playroom and a nursery decorated for a princess. It was hard for Mommy not to get the nursery all decorated before you were born, but it was worth the wait. It is the perfect room for perfect you!!  

Travis spent time growing and getting ready to be an awesome big brother. He learned his letters, numbers, and colors as well as how to run and jump. All these special things he will be able to help teach you one of these days. He also learned to say your name, and he could tell me that anything pink in the apartment was baby sisser's. Sometimes Travis would point to his own tummy and say “baby sisser”. Everyone thought that was so silly and cute. Travis had lots of kisses for Mommy’s belly while you were growing inside. Travis loves you so much.
It seemed like time went so very fast. Nana and I would visit almost every week. We would play with Travis and imagine what it was going to be like when you arrived. The apartment you lived in while the house was built was very small and Mommy joked about places to put your baby bed. As the time got closer, we all were expecting a call, but it seemed you were in no hurry. We finally decided you were going to have to be evicted, but you surprised us and decided to make your entrance on your own after all. It was one of the happiest days in my life (Nana’s too). Your Mommy was amazing at taking care of you and making sure your arrived safe and sound. Daddy was amazing at taking care of Mommy.   

It doesn’t seem possible that you are already six months old. You have grown so much. You have blonde hair and blue eyes just like Nana hoped you would. You are the prettiest baby girl Papaw has ever seen. I haven’t figured out how you get prettier every week. It doesn’t seem possible, but you do. You are so happy and content! You are starting to sit unsupported and play with toys like a big girl. My deep voice scares you a little like it did Travis when he was your age. However, today on your six month Birthday, I came and held you and you were a happy girl. We are going to be best buddies. 

Papaw can’t wait for you to visit the farm. I bought you a pink gun like Travis’ blue one. I will teach you to shoot at targets and tin cans, to drive a tractor, and feed cows just like I taught your Daddy. We will go on nature walks on the same land that your daddy did when he was little. Papaw will make you a little cowgirl. You can go fishing whenever you want, and Papaw will even put the worm on the hook just for you.  

I promise Nana and I will do everything we can to make your life happy. We will watch you grow and support all your dreams. You have parents that adore you and a ton of extended family that love you very much. You will grow up to be a great success in all that you do. We love you to the moon and back!


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