Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treating Adventures

Apparently toddlers trick or treat earlier than most people are ready...  We pulled out of the drive-way at 6:05 with Pepper and the Grants in tow.  It was super fun doing it in a group with our "extended family".  The boys hit up the first three houses with NO success.  Not so much as an answered door.  Poor babies were getting a little discouraged and frustrated.  We decided to head the other direction. 

The first house we came to we met an older lady who was on her way out.  She said she didn't have anything for trick-or-treaters but offered up some candy corn from her candy bowl.  She told Brandon (who was the parent at the door with the boys - the rest of us were on baby and camera duty!) that she was sure that he didn't want any of this unbagged germ-covered candy corn (Ok-so I added the germ-covered part).  Brandon said "actually... that sounds pretty good".  Definitely one of those 10 things I thought I'd never say before I had kids - gladly accepting a stranger's unwrapped candy in an effort to boost morale among the 2 year old troops!  They had hit the gold mine!!  They loved the candy corn more than life itself!!!  Apparently they were so cute that the lady then started doling out her Halloween decor - I am now the proud owner of two little dangly-leg creatures!  She was so sweet, and our boys were so appreciative!

Finally our luck started to change....

Next year we will probably need more reinforcements since there will be 4 toddlers trick-or-treating!!!

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