Friday, November 4, 2011

Pantry Raider

Travis is seriously growing up in a hurry!  He's learning and using new words every day.  He has opinions (and, I mean OPINIONS) about everything!  He loves to sort and move things around and his new favorite spot to explore is the pantry.  It's actually kinda genius.  He keeps busy in a "generally" safe spot and I can feed sister on the couch not too far away.  Plus he usually burns energy making 42 trips back and forth to ask "what's this?"  Today he brought me pancake mix, I told him what it was, and he responds "pancakes sound dood (good)".  Next, he brought me frosted mini-wheats, I told him it was frosted mini-wheat cereal, he asks "can I have later?"  I say sure and to sit it on the table.  Done.  Next he brings me some chocolate striped cookies, I hesitate, but say, those are chocolate cookies, and he says "those for mama".  I died laughing.  Kid is too smart!

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