Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Prep

Since Lovey wasn't going to be able to get here til late Wednesday, she came in last weekend so we could do as much prep as we could before we have about 20 folks here on Thursday! 

Travis is her #1 helper!

Break for blowout and mid-morning sink bath.

Just so you know, the Boba isn't for frontward facing, but we gave it a try anyway.  She liked eating the material.

We've moved on from cooking to sewing.  The kiddos needed awesome turkey day outfits!  We were having some work done in the playroom so there were some yucky stain fumes upstairs.  Travis napped in our room and Maryn napped in Grandpa's bathroom.

Parenting at its finest!

Bet these are the best sweet potatoes ever!

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