Monday, November 14, 2011

Lubbock - Post 1

We hit up Lubbock a couple of weeks ago in what I have deemed "I'm never taking a road trip again with a 4 month old" EVER.  Travis was so great (he keeps busy talking, reading, and playing on the iPad), but Maryn really needed Lovey to live about 45 minutes closer.  B-R-U-T-A-L!  I remember T doing the same thing when he was that age.  I just don't think their butts are designed for 6 hours in a car at that age.  We had big plans for lots of fun stuff to do when we got there, but in true Texas weather fashion, it turned wet and cold so we pretty much stayed in.  Thankfully, Lovey and Pop's house is not short on entertainment!!  We did venture to town on Friday to visit with Coach and to let Lovey show off her grandbabies at the office.

My little grumpy old man.  So funny.

A little detour to the airport to watch some air-panes.


Lots of "oohing and aahing"

This nice lady brought cookies.  Travis's new BFF.

We'd been practicing "Guns Up" for a few weeks.  He was great.  He says "huns up".  Once he had his cookie, Travis was super personable.  Coach asked him how old he was and without missing a beat, he threw up his hand and said 5.  Brandon and I looked at each other and died laughing.  We have no idea where it came from.  At least he was showing the right number of fingers.  We have a little running joke with Travis.  Whenever we say why is dada at work ... he says "to pay the man."  It really started off explaining why we have to checkout at Target and we give him our card.  Thus, we pay the man at target, but it has kind of transformed into just a funny way of describing dada working so that we can "pay the man".  Ain't that the truth?!?

Coach Tuberville and the Hill babies!

Hut, Hut, Hut with Lovey

Getting some practice downs in on the practice field

Sweet cheeks!

I, too, have been known to stick out my tongue while concentrating.  Every time I see this, I'm so glad that we got her tongue tie when we did!!

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