Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy 5 Month Birthday!!

She's close to sitting up on her own and definitely must be
strapped in to the bouncer or swing or whatever or else!!

Still working out the kinks!

Our kids have huge heads!  She's all "is this hat as ridiculous looking as it feels"?

Maryn Rochelle Hill,
When I learned what it was like to be a grandparent from your brother,I couldn’t imagine that it could be any better.  And then you came along and I realized how wrong that I was.
When I first learned that you were on the way I started talking to God about you.  He answers prayers in many different ways.  He answered my prayer just as I had asked.  He sent many angels to be with your mom leading up to and including when it was time for you to arrive.  When I was told that you were here, and that you and your mom were fine, I thanked God for your safe arrival, and for those that helped you and your mom so much.
I was very happy to learn that your mom and dad had decided to use the name Mary in your name.  Mary Margaret was my mother and your mother’s grandma.  She was a very special lady.  She knew the bible like the back of her hand and spent a huge portion of her life teaching in the church so that others could learn about Jesus.  She was an amazing cook and never met a stranger.  Furr’s and Arby’s were her favorite dining spots.  Your mother gets her love for these two spots from her.  She is looking down on you, and is telling her Sunday School buddies all about you.  I know that she is so happy for you, and so proud of your mother and father.
As you get older, you will come to understand how blessed you are to have the mom, dad, and brother that you have.  They will love you, keep you safe, and teach you about life.  You will learn right and wrong, your numbers and the alphabet, and the love of Jesus.  I will do my part to make sure you learn about cars and baseball, too.
I love you so much, and will always do anything that I can to help you with whatever that you need.  When you turn 2 and start to school, I will put my phone number in your pocket too if you need any help.
Your mama, dada, and big brother are very special people that I love very much.  The 4 of you make a very special family.
May God bless you and your family.
Love you,

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