Sunday, February 28, 2010

6 Month Pics

Auntie Francie came by on Saturday morning to take T's 6 Month Pics.  I may be a touch biased, but I think he is the most precious baby boy in the whole wide world.


Saturday, February 27, 2010


Yippee for Yams!  Well, more like ... what the heck is this?  I can't decide if I want to gag or smile so I think I'll do some of both!

I think his first thought must have been that it sure is early for cereal since we do it about 5:30 PM.  We did sweet potatoes this morning about 10.

Um, yeah, I'm not so sure about that...

Here he was trying to decide if he was gonna hurl!

He ate some and wore some and never gagged them up, so we are considering it a success!

I'm still working on getting the consistency right.  I am going to try to make all of T's baby food so it is a bit of a learning process.  I've got this book and this gadget and am just kind of winging it.  We'll do sweet potatoes for 4 or 5 five days to check for allergies and then move on to something else.  Maybe squash or peas or avocado.  So fun!  I'm anxious to see if he likes veggies more than his dad!

Speaking of his dad, this is how I found my men when I got done with my shower this morning.


On one final random note, Auntie Amy got T this outfit and delivered it to us in the hospital when he was just a couple days old.  Oh, the irony!

Who me???


Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Six Months Old!

I've been updating ya'll on my progress every three weeks so far, but as I'm getting older, I've decided I'll just be doing monthly updates from here on out.  My social calendar is getting pretty full these days with birthday parties, play dates, church outings, and when the weather gets nice, zoo trips with Charlotte and Wyatt.

I feel like I've become so much more aware of my surroundings this past month, but I've only recently noticed my kitty cat - she doesn't much care for me - but I think we are going to be great buddies when I start moving.  :)  I reach for her now when she walks by, and I like to "pet" her.

I haven't gotten up on all fours yet, but I routinely ooch in a circle, i.e., my upper body stays in one spot, but my legs end up 90 degrees from where they started.  I can roll, but I haven't really figured out how to use rolling as a means of transportation.  Yet.

I just started smacking my lips, and occasionally, blow a lovely raspberry. 

I love my jumperoo and can jump like a crazy man!  My mom says I'm getting funner and funner every day (her poor grammar, not mine!).  My new playdate friend, Ellasyn, showed me how to take off my own socks, and I'm now a pro at this.  When mom comes to get me after my nap, she often finds a sock or a foot in my mouth.  So tasty.

I can already tell that I'm gonna be one of those "I CAN DO IT" kind of kiddos, as I'm already helping Mommy at dinnertime.  She uses two spoons now so I get my very own.

Did I mention that I love my dad?

I went to the doctor today for my 6 month check up.  The good news is that we are full steam ahead for sweet potatoes and all sorts of yummy other things like peas and squash.  Elizabeth (my gf) told me how yummy sweet potatoes were at the Aggie bball game a few weeks, and I've been soooo looking forward to starting them!

I weighed 18 lbs. 8.6 oz. and was 27.16 inches in length.  Everything was 75th percentile, and the doctor said I was "just perfect."

Mom said she'll have lots of new pics this weekend!

Raspberry kisses,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy 6 Month Birthday!

Happy 6th Month Birthday to Special Boy #3.

I can’t believe that your half-birthday is already here. Before I found out you were on the way, I had been waiting, praying and hinting for your parents to give me a grandbaby for quite some time. I cried when I saw the sonogram video of you. To say that I was excited was a huge understatement. I just knew that you were going to be a boy right from the start. Nana and I enjoyed watching your Mommy’s tummy grow and feeling you kick our hands. We loved you from the very beginning.

When you were born, I was overcome with pride. You were the most alert little guy and just perfectly wonderful. When I held you for the first time, you were so little and amazing. I was so proud for your parents. I knew that God had blessed their lives with a special boy that would change their lives forever. The love a parent feels when they hold their child for the first time is overwhelming, and I knew they were getting to experience it for the first time. I was experiencing the love you feel seeing your grandchild’s face for the first time, and I was so happy.

Pretty soon you will be big enough to go target shooting at the farm with the gun I bought you before you were born. Don’t let your Mommy tell you she doesn’t know what I am talking about, because I have pictures of her and your Daddy holding it at your baby shower. I thought I might need them as evidence.

You see, Papaw needs a sidekick to help him check the cows, ride the tractor, feed the fish, build fence, chop wood, and drive the fire truck. Nana helps me quite a bit, but she is a girl. Girls just aren’t as tough as us boys. While we are at the farm, I will teach you the love for land, animals and everything agriculture just the way I taught your Daddy and Uncle Blake. I will also teach you how to ride a horse and maybe even cuss. Shhh don’t tell your Mommy.

I want to spend as much time with you as possible. I know from experience that babies grow up fast. Each time we visit, you have grown and changed so quickly. I am just smiling thinking about you as I write this note. You are a special gift to all of us. I love you very much and so does your Nana. I promise to support you in every way that I can. I’ll attend your sporting events, stock shows, school programs, and any other activities that you choose to participate in as you grow.

I will always be a phone call away. If you need me, I will be there. You are destined for great things Special Boy. I know it in my heart.

I Love you to the Moon and Back,

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Party Animal

Can you say P-A-R-T-Y ANIMAL? Saturday was Travis’s first AND second birthday parties. Wowser – what a busy and fun day we had…

Saturday morning, Brandon, Travis, and I went to FW to Miss Tatum’s first birthday! Sweet kiddos everywhere. Here is the birthday girl enjoying her cupcake. She was such a polite little thing and took sweet little prissy bites. Not a drop of frosting anywhere!!!

After party #1, we came home to get ready for party #2 – Brandon’s 30th bday party (yes, I know his bday was 2/1, but T was supposed to have his baby dedication today, so we were trying to get it all in on one weekend for our out-of-town guests). About 25 of our friends and family (not counting Sophie) joined us at Reata for a late lunch. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

We went to law school with these guys, and their wives are two of my besties. Three lawyer daddies and their babies – Travis, Charlotte, & Wyatt. So excited for Travis to already have lifelong friends – just like us and their parents.

Travis decided he’d yank on Charlotte’s hair. You know what they say, paybacks are “heck.”

A couple of my new mommy girlfriends from church have a cake business, and they did Brandon’s cake. We had a little transportation issue as it got slid across the back seat of Nana’s ride so some of the d├ęcor met an early demise, but even with that, it was soooo cute. They did a great job, and everyone said that it was so delicious – chocolate with chocolate cream cheese icing. It smelt great (I didn't taste it - just sniffed it - sniffs are dairy and soy free)!

Hope you had a great birthday party, Brandon! Here’s to many many more. We love you!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just Because

When Travis first arrived, I, like I'm guessing a lot of new mommas, just soaked in every little minute determined to never forget his first sneeze, yawn, smile, etc.  Well, after 175 days of motherhood, I have to admit that all of those teeny tiny memories are fading.  It kills me to say that I hardly remember the little blob that I fell so in love with on August 25th.  Thank God that I have pictures to jog my memory.  Nowadays, I fall deeper in love with the little boy that the little blob has turned into that is so full of inquisition and spunk and personality.  So, somewhere down the road, I'll want to remember the day that I stripped off his clothes, stuck him on a newly-made bed, and spent 20 minutes soaking in every little wiggle and roll and catching most of it on my camera ... just because.

Travis, I love you for a million trillion reasons, but also, I love you just because.