Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just Because

When Travis first arrived, I, like I'm guessing a lot of new mommas, just soaked in every little minute determined to never forget his first sneeze, yawn, smile, etc.  Well, after 175 days of motherhood, I have to admit that all of those teeny tiny memories are fading.  It kills me to say that I hardly remember the little blob that I fell so in love with on August 25th.  Thank God that I have pictures to jog my memory.  Nowadays, I fall deeper in love with the little boy that the little blob has turned into that is so full of inquisition and spunk and personality.  So, somewhere down the road, I'll want to remember the day that I stripped off his clothes, stuck him on a newly-made bed, and spent 20 minutes soaking in every little wiggle and roll and catching most of it on my camera ... just because.

Travis, I love you for a million trillion reasons, but also, I love you just because.



  1. This post just made me tear up... and I have no idea why! Such sweet pictures.

  2. I love the b&w pic w/Angel in the background!! Good for you making the bed ;)