Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Six Months Old!

I've been updating ya'll on my progress every three weeks so far, but as I'm getting older, I've decided I'll just be doing monthly updates from here on out.  My social calendar is getting pretty full these days with birthday parties, play dates, church outings, and when the weather gets nice, zoo trips with Charlotte and Wyatt.

I feel like I've become so much more aware of my surroundings this past month, but I've only recently noticed my kitty cat - she doesn't much care for me - but I think we are going to be great buddies when I start moving.  :)  I reach for her now when she walks by, and I like to "pet" her.

I haven't gotten up on all fours yet, but I routinely ooch in a circle, i.e., my upper body stays in one spot, but my legs end up 90 degrees from where they started.  I can roll, but I haven't really figured out how to use rolling as a means of transportation.  Yet.

I just started smacking my lips, and occasionally, blow a lovely raspberry. 

I love my jumperoo and can jump like a crazy man!  My mom says I'm getting funner and funner every day (her poor grammar, not mine!).  My new playdate friend, Ellasyn, showed me how to take off my own socks, and I'm now a pro at this.  When mom comes to get me after my nap, she often finds a sock or a foot in my mouth.  So tasty.

I can already tell that I'm gonna be one of those "I CAN DO IT" kind of kiddos, as I'm already helping Mommy at dinnertime.  She uses two spoons now so I get my very own.

Did I mention that I love my dad?

I went to the doctor today for my 6 month check up.  The good news is that we are full steam ahead for sweet potatoes and all sorts of yummy other things like peas and squash.  Elizabeth (my gf) told me how yummy sweet potatoes were at the Aggie bball game a few weeks, and I've been soooo looking forward to starting them!

I weighed 18 lbs. 8.6 oz. and was 27.16 inches in length.  Everything was 75th percentile, and the doctor said I was "just perfect."

Mom said she'll have lots of new pics this weekend!

Raspberry kisses,

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