Sunday, February 21, 2010

Party Animal

Can you say P-A-R-T-Y ANIMAL? Saturday was Travis’s first AND second birthday parties. Wowser – what a busy and fun day we had…

Saturday morning, Brandon, Travis, and I went to FW to Miss Tatum’s first birthday! Sweet kiddos everywhere. Here is the birthday girl enjoying her cupcake. She was such a polite little thing and took sweet little prissy bites. Not a drop of frosting anywhere!!!

After party #1, we came home to get ready for party #2 – Brandon’s 30th bday party (yes, I know his bday was 2/1, but T was supposed to have his baby dedication today, so we were trying to get it all in on one weekend for our out-of-town guests). About 25 of our friends and family (not counting Sophie) joined us at Reata for a late lunch. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

We went to law school with these guys, and their wives are two of my besties. Three lawyer daddies and their babies – Travis, Charlotte, & Wyatt. So excited for Travis to already have lifelong friends – just like us and their parents.

Travis decided he’d yank on Charlotte’s hair. You know what they say, paybacks are “heck.”

A couple of my new mommy girlfriends from church have a cake business, and they did Brandon’s cake. We had a little transportation issue as it got slid across the back seat of Nana’s ride so some of the décor met an early demise, but even with that, it was soooo cute. They did a great job, and everyone said that it was so delicious – chocolate with chocolate cream cheese icing. It smelt great (I didn't taste it - just sniffed it - sniffs are dairy and soy free)!

Hope you had a great birthday party, Brandon! Here’s to many many more. We love you!


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