Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Aggie Basketball Game

Our little family of three headed to College Station last Friday for the Aggie bball game.  I remember planning and booking this trip in early August '09.  At that time we were about three weeks BT (before Travis), and Brandon and I were certain that we'd all be ready for an Aggie bball game by now.  :)  Thankfully, we were right!

We stayed at Rudder Jessup B&B which was absolutely perfect! 

I've always loved to stay at B&Bs and thought that it might be better than a hotel with our noisy little guy.  This particular B&B has a little studio apartment over the garage so we were in our own little space and didn't bother anyone.  As you can see, Travis made himself right at home.

This is the first time he'd slept in the pack n play since he's been rolling and sleeping on his tummy.  This posed a little bit of an issue as he thought it was fun to look over the side.

On Saturday, we met Kimberly, Tyler, and Elizabeth at Wings n More for lunch before heading to the game.  Both babies were super at lunch - Travis started chattering (see previous post and video), but thankfully, the restaurant was loud so nobody but us noticed.  The babies needed naps before the game started.  Elizabeth dozed off just like she was supposed to, but Travis was having none of it.  Imagine that. 

Once we got situated in our awesome seats (Thanks Uncle D! - see above) and the noise really picked up, T decided that he would go ahead and take a nap.  Brandon and I were flabbergasted.  This is the kid that won't sleep in his quiet room where the temp is just right, the white noise is on, etc.  Babies really do have a mind of their own!  T napped for about 30 minutes with all of the whooping and hollering going on around him.  Too funny!

At half, Tyler and I switched spots so Kimberly and I could chat and the babies could hang out.  Elizabeth and Travis were great the whole game.  We never even had to get up to walk them around or anything.  Lots of movement and noise and the biggest tv they'd ever seen made for two very happy 5 month olds. 

Once the game was over, we went down on the court to take some pics.  This, my friends, was sort of like herding cats.  :)

While the babies were on the court, two of the Aggie yell leaders (read:  Aggie royalty) came and laid down by them.  Elizabeth was super amused; Travis not so much.  Both of the guys were too sweet and kind to our little ones and made me proud to be an Aggie.  Girls - eat your hearts out.  Here are a couple of keepers!!

Of course, Uncle D stopped by after the game.  The Ags came back after being down most of the game to beat Baylor - it was a big game for Dustin and the team.  Look how Travis is looking at Uncle D - Travis can just tell that Dustin is uber-important!

Travis did great traveling, but I was sure glad I had this app about the last 30 minutes on the way home.  He was definitely ready to be home, but he loves the rattle from this app.

What a great trip - the first of many family outings!



  1. Fantastic pics and sounds like such a great. Hope JB, Wyatt and I will be able to head down to CS for a game sometime ourselves. I like T's frog paci buddy. W loves the bear one you got him, he has it with him always.

  2. Great pics and good game! We had thought about also going to this game - we only live 45 mins from CS! Wish we would have known. Maybe our boys can meet someday?!

    Emma was the same way with napping during noise. With J being a coach I never had a choice but to take her to noisy games, etc. It has always amazed me that babies can sleep that way! It almost makes you want to go find more noisy places - haha!