Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day at Fielder

Little man started "school" today.  He is in the bunny class at Fielder Road.  15 2 year olds with birthdays between May and August.  11 little boys and 4 little girls.  Travis is the youngest.  I was a little nervous, Brandon was medium nervous, and my dad stuffed his cell phone number in T's pocket and told him to call if he needed him.  Bless Grandpa's heart.  I definitely questioned my decision to start him in a MDO program (2 days a week for a total of 6 hours per week) when I was packing his lunch yesterday and had to ask my dad if I thought he would eat the wrapper on something.  When you have to ask yourself that question, I was wondering if he was too young!  Thankfully, he did great!  He only fussed for a few minutes - we waited to make sure.  I was doing great til I ran into a couple of dear friends that were a little teary eyed so I of course joined in for a little cry. 

Met a ton of church friends that all send their kiddos there for brunch and then went back to pick up T before nap.  I want he and Maryn to be on a similar afternoon nap schedule so it is easier for me to nap him here.  I got there while they were still eating lunch and I got to spy on him.  They were so cute and all doing so great.  I was so amazed at how they were all sitting down - I then realized that most of them were tied in with scarf looking things.  I totally LOLed at myself.  I bet by the end of the year or probably by the end of the month they don't even need them.  I was so excited to pick him up and hear about his day.  He said "so fun" "share toys" and "no hit".  Pretty much how I thought it would go.  :)  I kept saying how proud I was of him - not sure who had the bigger grin - me or him!


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