Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monkey Party at Little Gym

A few weeks ago we hosted Travis's 2nd birthday party at Little Gym.  We have so enjoyed our two semesters there with Miss Robyn.  Saw T's coordination and physical skills really grow during that time.  It seemed only fitting to host a "Monkey" themed party there to celebrate the birthday boy.  Lots of monkeys and primary colors and yellow cupcakes (lemon) were the decor!  The kids enjoyed about 45 minutes of activities and then pizza, bananas (of course!), juice boxes with crazy straws, and cupcakes.  So blessed to share the fun with T's little friends and lots of family.

Some of our FBCA June baby friends.  Baby girl is nekkid...  It was so hot!

Birthday hug from BFF Noah!

Best attempt at a "cousin" pic with all of his East Texas cousins that drove in! 
So fun to meet most of them!

Little Gym was seriously a great birthday spot.  Reasonably priced and SOOOO easy on the parents!  Loved it and highly recommend.

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  1. it was so fun. it was amazing how they all sat so well to have pizza and yummy cupcakes! thanks trav for a great party!