Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Maryn's Birth Story - from Joyce

Dear Maryn,

You are an incredibly blessed little girl. Your journey to arriving in this world was a significantly spiritual, beautiful and emotional adventure. I consider it an honor to have walked that journey with your momma!  I remember so clearly when your momma and I were new friends she told us about your brother’s birth. It was a very hard labor and ended in a c-section. Your mom said she was thankful that her second baby would be a planned c-section because there was no risk of it being a horrific labor. She joked and said she was going to get her hair and makeup done so she would look pretty in the pictures! Fast forward a year later, she is now pregnant with you little Maryn! She begins to be burdened by the idea of a potential V-BAC, vaginal birth after c-section. I cheered your mom on to explore with God what He might have for her. I too had a very difficult labor with my first baby that if circumstances would have been a little different, I would have had a c-section too.  Through my labor, I experienced God in a way I had never experienced before. I felt His strength in the most tangible way. If it was God’s will for your momma to have that experience, I wanted her to have it. I joined her in prayer.
                It was the coolest thing to watch your mom go before the Lord asking God how He wanted to bring you into this world. Even before she held you, her concern for you was huge! She was so deliberate in processing every detail of the situation. She was intentional about praying and communicating with your daddy so they were on the same page for when the time came. It was a journey of surrender for your momma! She let go of her desires and sought God out for what His will would be. During this journey, the woman who was going to get her hair done for the scheduled c-section, decided to surrender her will and her control, and allow you to come on your time.
                You little Maryn were somewhat of a tease! Your momma began having contractions which lead all to believe she was in labor well over a week before you arrived. Each time your mom would quietly endure. She would tell just a few of us so we could be in prayer for your arrival. Again – she was before the Throne of God on your behalf! It was an emotional ride because each time these contractions happened, your momma was filled with the hope of experiencing what she thought God had lead her to desire. But then they would go away. I had frozen yogurt with your momma a few days before you arrived. She spoke with tears streaming down her face with disappointment of not getting to experience a V-BAC. She surrendered once again, thinking maybe God’s will was, in fact, for another c-section. She was OK with that too, if it was the Lord’s will.
              But the Lord had another journey for her. Finally the time came when the contractions persisted longer than they had in the times before. It was a Saturday night – I believe it was even your due date! Your scheduled c-section was just a few days later. There was huge excitement in the air! I prayed from my home, knowing your momma was enduring the pain of early labor. I went to sleep but found myself continuously waking up and texting with Krista on the progress of your mom. Your mom and I had talked about me coming at some point during labor to pray with her. Finally at three in the morning, Krista and I decided it was a good time for me to come. At this point your mom was already at the hospital.
                When I arrived, I was struck by the joy on your mom’s face. Your daddy was a quiet pillar of strength. Both were eagerly anticipating what God had for your arrival. We prayed after I arrived. It seems like we just kept praying until your momma held you. Prayer characterized your labor and delivery. I believe that through those prayers, God allowed us to see Him. There were so many things in place that were the finger prints of God encouraging your momma that she could do this V-BAC. Your mom’s nurses were quiet cheerleaders. The first nurse said things like, “there’s nothing I see with this baby that will inhibit you from doing this. Her demeanor communicated a quiet confidence that encouraged all of us witnessing this process. When your mom began pushing Krista and I left the room. We continued to pray from down stairs and got the “play by play” from your birth photographer – Keri Duckett. She’s an amazing woman who understands that birth is a spiritual process accomplished through God’s hand. She was sensitive to your mom’s needs. There was a point when Keri texted saying your momma needed more productive contractions. We prayed that prayer. Within seconds, we got another text saying that her last contraction was a really good one! We decided with Keri that Krista and I would return to trade places with her since there were only a certain number of people allowed in the room. Keri thought it would be good to encourage your momma. Again, God’s fingerprints allowed 3 extra people in the room, despite us breaking the rules! It was so cool to see how God allowed us to cheer your momma on. When we entered the room, Krista and I couldn’t help but be verbally excited as if on the sidelines of watching our favorite team! You were so close to arriving in your momma’s arms. We told your mom how awesome she was doing, how strong she was, and we continued to pray for God’s endurance to bring you into your momma’s arms. You began to show us your little head. Your nurse affirmed with head nods letting us know you were making your way out of the womb into the world – the excitement was incredible! Shortly after, we Krista and I left because the doctor was coming to catch you!
                Krista and I continued to pray in anticipation. I can’t even begin to explain our joy when we got the text from Keri “baby”!!!! We jumped up and down, hugged, and cried! God was so faithful! He had lead your mom to desire a V-BAC. She had conquered it in His strength.
                I cannot wait to hear what God has in store over the years for you little Maryn. From the beginning of your existence, you have drawn people to the throne of God. You are fearfully and beautifully made. The fact that your mom invited me to journey with her as she brought you into this world was a huge honor. I was a witness to incredible surrender. A story God wrote that radiates His Glory! I love you little one!

Your “auntie”,

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