Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday to our "Main Man"!

Dear Travis,
You are turning into such a little man these days and we just don't know how we could love you any more!  We can hardly remember life without you.  And, who would want to??  You have brought more joy than we could ever imagine!

You are a sweet and shy soul.  You love to sit in our laps and snuggle.  You are shy in big groups, but warm up quickly when just a few are around.  You love your baby sister and the rest of your family especially "dangel" our kitty cat.  We can already tell that you are going to be protective of Maryn and we are so grateful for that trait (she might not always appreciate it, but we sure will).  :)

Your vocabulary is growing every day and we think you are pretty stinking smart.  You have a great memory especially when it comes to promised treats.  When Grana was in town, y'all talked about something one night and the next morning you were asking about your "fiffin (cinnamon) rolls".  Just a couple days ago you said "mama help tattas (Travis) pick up all cir-sills (circles).". That has been your longest sentence to date.  You definitely can communicate just about anything and everything.  You told us you were sad because you hurt when you didn't feel good last week.  Totally broke our hearts!  Yesterday, you told me and Grandpa: "I do like that".  First use of "I" that I can remember.  We were so proud as we always are at all of your accomplishments.

You love the movie Tangled and can quote quite a bit of it!  You love watching it on the iPad.  You also love navigating the music on it and often nod your head saying "dood song".  You love playing food in your kitchen.  You are a great pretend eater.  You say "mmm dood" and "de-shish-is (delicious).  Both are ridiculously cute.

You wear 24 month and 2T clothes.  You wear size 4 diapers during the day and size 5 nighttime diapers at bedtime.  You sleep from 8-6:30ish and take one nap from 1-3:30ish.   You love to eat yogurt, applesauce, pizza and spaghetti, and quesadillas.  You generally hate most proteins and vegetables.  You love all sweets just like your daddy.  Especially ice cream!

We love you so stinking much!  We can't wait to see you continue to grow and develop.  We pray for you each night and are so thankful that you are our son.

Mama and dada