Saturday, July 9, 2011

We LOVE Family!

We love having visitors!  Lovey, Pop, & Kyler (our nephew) came for the weekend, and then Uncle Carman, Auntie Dawn, and Cousins Caitlin & Jack stopped by for a few hours on Sunday.  Travis really likes to ham it up and entertain everyone with his fun antics!

Watching Angry Birds with Cousin Kyler!

Enjoying some of this "cool" weather - NOT!!  A smart person literally spends about 10 minutes at a time outside.  This summer is brutal!

Travis trying to "be the present."

Miss Priss is looking mighty serious while her brother is getting all the giggles.

Caitlin and Travis checking out the iPad.  My "mini-me" is all growed up.  We are so proud!

"Mo' angee burds pees."

Lovey & Pop's Grandkids Photo Op - FAIL!  :)

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