Friday, July 1, 2011

My First Couple Weeks of Life

Hi there, my name is Maryn (my folks sometimes call me baby girl and my brother calls me his baby "shissher").  I arrived pretty much on time and in the fashion that my momma requested so maybe I'm gonna be a rule follower when I grow up.  When I got here, my tongue and lip were tied so I was having some issues getting my delicious groceries.  I made a visit to Dr. Cole in FW and got it taken care of at 9 days old.  I've been gaining weight like a piggly wiggly ever since.  My Lovey bought me a Nap Nanny, and I really love it.  My momma thought I didn't need it, but I'm glad that Lovey won out since it is great.  It says to only leave me in it on the floor, but I'm pretty sure I supervised all of the unpacking sitting on the breakfast room table.  My umbilical cord fell off at 2 weeks (my dada blow dried it per my titas' advice).  I could then start taking real baths which I generally like.  Second kiddos don't take baths near as often as their older siblings - apparently that's just the way it is.  As you can see, I'm pretty dang sweet!

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