Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All About T-Man

This kid totally cracks us up!  Just in the past five weeks (like getting a new house and a baby sister wasn’t enough), he started really verbalizing compound words and putting together sentences.  The best part is the abnormally long pause between parts of the word.  Some of our favorites include: bi – sissle (bicycle) and ice peam (ice cream).  It is awesome that he can communicate with you now even though sometimes that means hearing "no new diaper".

 Loving some summer "wa-yer-meh-yon"!

Supervising Grandpa.

Grandpa putting together his tri-sissle.

One morning while helping dada get ready for work, he strolls out from the closet announcing that he is wearing “Mama’s boots”. He can totally prance them around like a pro. I think that while he will hate these pics when he is 18, the fact that he calls them “boots” makes wearing them a-ok!

Unfortunately, it was not a one time occurrence.

Watching the trash man.

Cartoons and Blocks with Grandpa.

Brandon could totally eat his weight in ice peam and it looks like Travis will be following in his foot steps.  You gotta see him put his hand to his head and exclaim “Brain feeze”.  Spoon is optional.

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