Saturday, February 19, 2011

FW Zoo with my little "monk monk"...

T enjoyed a zoo outing with his friends and his dada on Friday!  I loved that B took a long "working" lunch to hang out with us and some of my mommy besties.  Travis was so excited that he got to see "monk monks", "turt-els", and "ssssssnakes".  He is definitely more into the zoo than the last time we went.

So loved hanging with my girls:  Courtney, Krista, Anna, and Melanie.

We could have left these two at the Primate House - they have mad climbing skills!

Posing for the requisite group shot ....  :)

Aww, I love this!  Walking hand in hand with Dada.  Then breaking into a mad run for Mama.  My focusing skills could not keep up...  Oh well!

This 7-toothed little man steals my heart every day more and more!


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