Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo!

Last Saturday, we ventured out to the FW Stock Show & Rodeo to celebrate Brandon's 31st birthday and to enjoy a day of fun with friends and family and awesome weather!  We headed that way after T woke up from his morning nap.  The actual rodeo didn't start until 2pm which is his afternoon nap time so we wanted to make sure that he at least had one nap that day.  We met Nana, Papaw, Pepper, Clyde, and the Stillers at the Reata at the Rodeo and had some awesome grub. 

Poor Cannon had to settle for just gnawing on the table.

Brandon and Travis checking out the chickens.  T so graciously "Bok Bok Bok'd" for us about a million times!

Hill men.  Brandon has been coming to the rodeo for his birthday for the last 26 years!

Sporting his Wrangler pants from Uncle Tommy, his Wrangler pearl snap shirt that B and I bought at the A&M Coach's Night auction in July of 2009, and his new boots from Pepper.  Such a handsome little cowboy!

Not sure what T finds so interesting on the ground.

Not so sure about the petting zoo and all of the goooo-ats. (emphasis added)

Enjoying his milk at the matinee performance.  Busily clapping while Dada secures the milk.

Papaw's iPhone pics of Tractor driving and our sweet (and growing) family of four!

So blessed!!!


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