Saturday, October 30, 2010

We are alive.

Contrary to all major media outlets, we are not dead, m.i.a., or abducted by aliens.  As you probably know, we sold our house.  It was a really quick and painless process and our buyer wanted to move quickly so as of 10/26, we are no longer homeowners.  We are leasing it back for a month, but have to be completely out by 11/26.  Do the math - we are under the gun for sure!!  Needless to say, we've been up to our eyeballs searching for our next housing option.  We looked at 49 houses.  Travis was such a trooper, and we have such an amazing realtor that we love like family that wags Travis around and prayed with us before our searches.  After looking at that many houses, we have ultimately decided to build in central Arlington which means we will move into an apartment for the next 6-7 months and then hopefully into our new house late next Spring.  We are super excited about the end result, but a little nervous about the process and adapting to apartment life.  We know that it will all be great, and we are so blessed to be able to take this leap!!

Here are a few pictures from this weekend!!

This cooler weather = socks!  So cute.

T enjoyed playing in Lovey's Jello Frankensteins, but eating them, not so much.

Pineapple - yummo!

A little "bare" back riding with Dada and his blankie.

Helping Lovey pack the china cabinets.  Such a great helper.

Travis trying out his new squeaker shoes...  He's got this walking business down.



  1. oh that video of him walking is amazing! seems like forever since we have seen y'all - especially since we haven't see that in person yet. hope to see y'all soon! way to go travis!

  2. You sold your house? I'd I just see you last week and NOT hear about this?! We need to get together soon just to hang out.