Tuesday, October 12, 2010


On 10-10-10, Adriana (and her girls) officially joined our family.  It was a lovely and sweet ceremony at the Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas.  We are so glad that we were there to share in their special day, but so glad to get home too!  Especially since also on 10-10-10, Travis took 6 steps between Pepper and Grandpa, and we missed it!!  I've seen him take 9 in a row now so watch out world!

Welcome to the family, Nana, Hope, Samantha, and the rest of your fam!!



  1. 9 steps!! WOOHOO! Come show Wyatt how to do it Trav! We've only gotten 2 at a time and I call them "falling steps".

  2. Way to go Travis! There's no stopping him now! I'm not at all ready for the walking stage...guess it's different with baby #2 :)