Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm 13 Months Old!!

Sorry this is a little late, but I've been so busy learning and exploring that I just haven't had time to crawl up in mommy's lap and type.  Plus, I sort of like to just bang the keyboard now so she has lots of editing to do.  :)

I'm wearing 12-18 month clothes, size 3 diapers, and still wearing my size 4 Huggies nighttime diapers at night.  In my crib, I have my blue blankie, two lovies, two babies, one glow worm, and one seahorse.  What can I say, I'm a sensitive dude.  I really love soft blankets.  I like to throw myself down on them and just rub my whole face and body on it.  It is actually very cute!  Lovey taught me to love on my baby, and I can hold him up by my face, sway, and say "oh-oh-oh."  It is a super precious party trick if I do say so myself.
I could live off grilled cheese, quesadillas, fruit, and graham crackers.  Occasionally mama sneaks in some veggies or ravioli (see awesome pics below), but for someone who couldn't eat dairy for a whole year, I sure am making up for lost time.  I'm totally on whole milk, and I love it.  I love ice cream, banana milk shakes, and did I say, ice cream!!  Mama is trying to teach me the sign for more, but I've already decided that pointing and grunting gets me the same result.  Speaking of pointing, I point to everything .... lights, fans, vents, fans, handles, fans, etc.
Mama has been working on letting me feed myself with a spoon.  I hardly make any mess.  I really like it when she puts my yogurt in the freezer ... sort of reminds me of ICE CREAM!

At Kohl's the other day, I talked Grandpa into buying me a big green Grinch.  I can go get him when you ask where Grinch is, and I sometimes put him on my lion to go for a ride.  I really like to put stuff in and take stuff out these days.  I like to put all my grilled cheese bites in the cup holder on my tray and then pull them out one at a time.  I like to load and unload my tub animals into the trash can in the bathroom.  I like to hold two of my farm animals (that Aunt Sonnet got me for my bday) when I'm trying to walk with my lion.  This makes things difficult so now I can just load them in my backpack and off we go!  I'm pretty good at identifying duck, monkey, and cow and occasionally, sheep or pig.  I like to play with the phone and have recently figured out that it goes up by my head.  I pick it up and just start talking.  Sometimes dada is on the other end.  So weird!!

Mama and Dada are in Vegas for Nana and Papaw's wedding so I've got Lovey, Pop, Grandpa, Uncle Mickey, and Pepper all to myself.  :)
Hoping mama and dada win big in Vegas,

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