Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Travis's First Trip to the State Fair

We started off my birthday week festivities with a family trip to the State Fair of Texas.  Grandpa, Uncle Mickey, Pepper, Brandon, Travis and I all went together.  Nana and Papaw joined us after lunch, and we even got to visit with Uncle Blake and Aunt Kimmie.  We started off at the petting zoo.  We were all big fans, and I'm pretty sure I'd like to start my own herd of Pygmy Goats.

Up next was lunch!

Corn dogs for everyone!

Travis licked it clean (well, maybe not, but he did like chewing on the stick).

Our family doesn't go the fair for the rides, the carnies, etc.  We go for the food.  We started off with the Fried Frito Pie (missed a pic of it).  Pretty yummy.  We then had the Fried Margarita.  Weird weird weird.  Imagine a funnel cake with a margarita poured over it and topped with whipped cream.  We ate it, but we weren't looking for another.

We spent most of our time in the A/C.  Here we had a Fried Club Salad.  Probably the surprise hit of the day.  Yummy!!  Too busy eating it to take a  picture of it I suppose.

We had the Fried Chocolate for our mid-meal dessert.  This was a candy bar stuffed in a brownie and then battered in chocolate cake batter and then, you guessed it, fried!!  Actually, quite tasty!!  We finished up our fun day of food with Ruth's Tamales and Jack's Fries.  An excellent combo!

Ready for more fun!!  Can't you tell???  :)

Nana is a trooper!

Aww, the beautiful family shot that you get when a stranger asks if you'd like to be in the picture and of course you say yes knowing that the picture will likely not be frame-worthy.  Just adds to the experience.

Travis enjoying a little playtime in Uncle Blake's facial hair.

Admiring Kimmie's necklace.

My sweet little family!!!


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