Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FW Children's Museum with Noah (and Krista)

A couple of Fridays ago we met Krista & Noah at the Ross parking lot and combined cars for a trip to the Fort Worth Children's Museum.  Scheduling outings when both babies still take two naps is a feat in and of iteself, but I'm so glad we did it and it worked out.  The boys totally enjoyed themselves, and Krista and I loved having some chatting time on the commute.

Hugging it out ... man style.

Travis ended up with some serious Wal-Mart feet.

Noah makes his own entertainment.

Krista and Noah practicing their rodeo skills.

When you see Noah at Halloween and he's dressed as a super helpless stuffed chicken or something, just ask Krista what could have been??  RIP Wilson leather overalls at the JBF sale.

Thanks K&N for an awesome time.  Looking forward to repaying the favor at the ZOO!


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