Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alliance Weekend at the Gaylord

The last weekend in August we headed to the Gaylord for a weekend "stay"cation for Mommy and Daddy's meetings.  Mommy sits on the charity and Daddy is involved in all of the other stuff.  Mommy and I were checking in early so we invited Courtney and Ellasyn to come hang out and have lunch with us.  Even though I really love her, this is as good of a picture as could be accomplished.  Ellasyn was walking everywhere and I was too busy licking the floor.  Literally, licking the floor.

This was my first true hotel experience.  I had such an amazing time, but sure wasn't very interested in my naps.  No wake up call was needed in our room because I was up before 5 am every morning!!

Seriously, how could you make this face take a nap??

Just doing a little light grooming in my Shankapotomous t-shirt.

Um, mom, you have been doing this parenting business all wrong... 
Ice Cream IS a part of the food pyramid!

Aww nothing like eating crackers in somebody else's bed on vacation...


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  1. Cute pics....I especially love the one with his face all scrunched up on the pack n play. Kids just don't sleep/nap very well away from home...or at least neither of mine do :(