Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birthday Party Weekend - Part 1

My computer is still coming back to life.  Carbonite is 47% downloaded - wow, only 10 days to go.  Geez!

This is a post of T's birthday weekend that I had cued up before Computer Crash 2010.  I do know that T's bday party pics were backed up so that was a huge relief.  I am now advocating getting a backup of your backup.  :)

Lovey, Grandpa, & Uncle Mickey all made the trip in for T's birthday weekend.

We got him a board book with all of his peeps in it so that he can learn everyone's names.  He is getting really good at pointing at the right person.

Lots more birthday pics to come - it just may be next week.



  1. What a great idea on the board book -- where did you have that made?

  2. I want to know about the book too!!!

  3. Super cute - kinda pricey, but cute and really easy to work with.