Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm Eighteen Weeks Old!

On Monday, I went to my 4 month check up.  Boo because I had to get three more shots in my thighs and one more oral vaccine.  As I'm getting older, I've learned to milk it a little bit longer so I don't quit crying quite as quickly as I used to.  I weighed 16 lbs. 1 oz and was just shy of 26 inches.  My height and weight were both 75th percentile and my head was 95th percentile.  My doctor said I was doing good with my bobbly head considering my head is soooo big.  I've gotten so good at watching my peeps from across the room and following their every move.  I can put my hands together and my grip is really strong.  I stick everything I can get my hands on in my mouth.  I'm not teething yet, but just exploring with my mouth.  I really love this toy that my Auntie Dawn brought me for Christmas.  Mommy said that she will get my exersaucer out soon.  Don't know what she is talking about, but it sounds like fun!!

I'm looking forward to ringing in the new year with Grandpa and Uncle Mickey.  With my current sleep schedule, I'll look forward to celebrating with my Mommy at midnight in several different time zones.


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  1. Here's hoping Mr. T will sleep better in the new year!!!