Saturday, December 26, 2009

The day we found out …

We found out we were pregnant one year ago today on 12/26/08.  We had been trying (and hoping and praying) to conceive for a while so every month we wondered if this would be the one.  I had been diagnosed with a staph infection in my leg on Christmas Eve.  Totally random, I know.  I was scheduled to go back to the doctor at CareNow - the doctor there was not happy with my progress and suggested that I go immediately to the emergency room.  Since we weren't sure yet if we had succeeded this month and didn't want the treatment to be a problem if we were, we wanted to ask if they could do a blood test at the ER.  Thankfully, the ER wasn't packed at 9 a.m. so we were able to get through pretty quickly. We met with the doctor (who was awesome) and you could tell he was hesitant to do the pregnancy blood test because he didn't want to be the bearer of bad news if the results were negative.  I told him we could handle it, and that we would like to know before he decided on the treatment for the staph.  He agreed and took 4 vials of blood to test for all of the staph-related things plus the pregnancy hormone.  I was given (pregnancy safe) IV antibiotics and the doctor cut on and cleaned my staph infection spot on my right shin.  Fun stuff.  The doctor left for a few minutes and returned with all of the blood results.  I'm pretty sure he said "blah, blah, blah re: staph" and then "you're pregnant."  Again, I'm pretty sure he left the room, but I can only remember holding Brandon's hand and us both crying.  We were shocked, surprised, and elated.  The doctor gave me his business card with a hand-written "Congratulations" on it, and all of my discharge papers talk about the treatment of staph infections and pregnancy.  It is funny!  My family was all still at the house, but we weren't ready to tell just yet, so we had to hide the excitement.  What a way to begin such an amazing journey!

I know all of these special memories will get fuzzy over time so I look forward to documenting all sorts of stuff on this blog so that we (and Travis) will always have it.


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  1. Wow, you keep up with everything!! What a neat post Christmas gift :)