Thursday, January 3, 2013

League City Christmas

Because of Lovey's gig with Texas Tech, she spent Christmas Eve in a Houston hotel getting ready for the bowl game.  So as soon as we celebrated Christmas morning at our house, we headed to Uncle Mickey's for fun, food, and family - three things our crew does very well!

We threw together some quickie printable decor for Uncle Mickey's house and made some decorations for his giant tree he got in anticipation of our visit!

Of course, glitter pine cones and scooters in the garage!


Travis picked out Lovey a "pie maker" for Christmas - surprise, surprise!  We had so much fun making (and eating) those tasty little treats!

Awesomest pirate out there!

And we made our own soda, too!

Here Maryn, here is your proof when he wants to date your friends....

Sweet sweet snuggles!

Mickey's neighborhood has great walking trails and a great park!!

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